About Us

Run Amuck Creations came out of a crafting “rabbit hole” that my mom and I dove into a few years back. It initially started with basket weaving and a huge purchase of reed and basket handles off of Craigslist (or was it eBay??). This hobby, if you’ve never done basket weaving, can take up a lot of space in your craft room. Reed, like glitter, somehow multiplies by the thousands!

Mom and I on a girls weekend in Gatlinburg, TN

Once the basket weaving itch left us, we tried several other crafts (soap making, paper crafts, stamping, quilting, vinyl, sign making, paper beads...I'm trying my hand at mandala dot art right now) and found several of these to be the right fit for us. Mom and I participated in our first ever craft fair a few years ago and named our booth Run Amuck Creations. While our craft fair booth was pretty cohesive, as with any new crafter starting out, we had so many great ideas of what we wanted to make and sell in the future, we couldn't settle on just one niche (or even two). Run Amuck Creations was born out of our indecisiveness.

Our first craft booth!

Since that first craft fair, the name Run Amuck Creations kind of “stuck”. Yes, we know that “Amuck” is spelled incorrectly. We chose this spelling instead of the proper spelling of “Amok” because it also fit our mixed-up variety of crafts. And heck, if non-words like “ain’t” can make it into the dictionary, maybe Amuck will show up as an actual word in the dictionary some day too. Right?

Run Amuck Mouse, created by my sister.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting! I hope you'll find lots of great crafting ideas here, and maybe some new ones to try out as well. Who knows what you'll find when you let yourself Run Amuck!