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Come on in and Sit a Spell: The NEW Run Amuck Creations Website

azapolya / June 7, 2018

First, THANK YOU! Thank you for visiting Run Amuck Creations new website. Run Amuck has been in the works for a few years. My mom and I are crafters at heart. While our focus has been all over the place (hence the name), her true passion is quilting. Mine, on the other had, is still taking some time to work itself out.

When mom and I set our minds on a craft though, watch out! We will buy up anything and everything that has to do with that particular craft until we are so deep into we are literally laugh our heads off trying to figure out what happened. Our first real foray into crafting was basket weaving (no, not the underwater kind – ha!). We ended up with a basement full of reed, dyes and basket handles and no idea how it all got there. Our most recent crafting adventure was stamping/card making. I had signed up with a popular stamp company as a sales affiliate. While I’m no longer selling for that company, she and I still occasionally make cards for friends and family. Stamping is also what brought us to sign up for our first booth at a local craft show.

We had NO idea what we were doing, but we scoured the internet for ideas and worked really hard to come up with what we hoped would be enough items for our first booth. Our set up was simple. Come show time, it was glaringly obvious that we were newbies in the craft show arena. Many of the booths around us had elaborate displays that not only drew you in, but were very eye catching compared to our green table cloth cover with cardboard boxes underneath to create height.


We were pretty proud of ourselves though. The biggest (and hardest) step is that first one, and we did it! Now, I will say, we haven’t done a craft show since, but it’s not for lack of wanting. Life gets in the way, or the holiday seasons sneak up too quickly (hot weather in the fall really messes up the mood), but we are still planning on another show in the near future.

For now, I am taking Run Amuck to the internet so that I can share it with all of you. Much of what you will see from Run Amuck are projects that have been created through the use of my handy-dandy Silhouette® machine. I bought myself a Silhouette a few years ago so that I could cut out card designs faster than a hand punch or die could do and found myself getting deeper and deeper into things like vinyl and stencils. You’ll see a lot of projects that focus around those two things; however, that’s not to say that other projects won’t make an appearance once in a while too. For example, I really love making beaded bookmarks! These have turned out to be great gifts and incentives for area book clubs.

Anyway, I hope you will join me on this journey as we run amok together through all that crafting has to offer! Drop me a line anytime!



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