azapolya / June 26, 2018

Each year in June the United Methodist Church in Kentucky has what is called their “Annual Conference”. United Methodist Clergy and Laity gather together to worship and work to help build the Kingdom for God. The past couple of years, one of my co-workers (Tami) and another clergy person in the Conference (Matt) have had a competition going as a part of our Conference’s annual 5k (all in good fun, of course). They’ve been using the hashtags #TeamTamiWins or #beatTami to generate excitement and support. This year, as part of their on-going competition, they decided to create t-shirts for their supporters to wear during the 5k. #TeamTamiWins asked me to make their t-shirts this year. Below is a prototype.

This was such a fun project! The design was created by Cameron Love, who is a fellow #TeamTamiWins supporter. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the back of the shirt too. It has the same running girl, just smaller, with a couple of other hashtags.

Below is a picture of the #TeamTamiWins supporters that were able to make it to the 5k this year sporting their #TeamTamiWins t-shirts. In the bottom picture you’ll notice Matt in his #beatTami shirt. Tami is pictured on his right.

If you look really closely, you’ll see me on the far right in the light blue hat. This was my first ever 5k, and I actually ran about half of it (no zombies were present and nothing was chasing me!). While the last half of the race felt like it took an eternity to complete, I felt pretty accomplished afterwards.

Me in the car after running my first 5k. Thankfully, I didn’t drive that day!

I had a great time and really enjoyed the fellowship and cheering of the crowd, but I’m not sure running is going to be a hobby that I’ll continue – crafting is more my speed!

Ever made any fun team t-shirts? What about running a 5k? What was your first 5k experience like?

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